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Thank you for opening and exploring this section of our webpage.  If you would like to join with our congregation, as a living and loving Christian community, here is how you may join us.

Donations may be made by a personal check or a check delivered from a bank bill paying service.

A check written to CHARLTON FREEHOLD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH will assist us in maintaining, operating and improving our historic 170 year old house of worship. Our history can be viewed on this website choosing the upper tab "ABOUT" and clicking on "HISTORY" in the pull down menu.

Donations to the church may be mailed to:

Charlton Freehold PC

768 Charlton Road

Charlton, NY  12019

A check written to CHARLTON FREEHOLD DEACONS will support local charities as well as caring for our members and neighbors in time of need. The charities we support are listed on this website using the upper tab labeled OUTREACH.

Donations to the Deacons may be mailed to:

Charlton Freehold Deacons

768 Charlton Road

Charlton, NY 12019



Again, we offer a heartfelt THANK YOU for considering or making a donation to our Christian community. We sincerely hope you will consider visiting us if you are in the area.

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