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Presbyterian Church (USA)

We are a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the largest of the many denominations called "Presbyterian." The word presbyterian is from a biblical (Greek) word presbyteros which mean "one who has oversight." Some English translations render this word "elder" or "bishop."

Our form of governance is presbyterian in that Ruling Elders (ordained women and men) and Teaching Elders (women and men ministers) are charged with discerning the people's fidelity to God's will and God's mission in the world.

While we trace our roots to the 16th century Reformation in Europe, we are proud to be a church that is "reformed and always being reformed under the Word of God." That is, we do not worship the status quo but are always seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance is ways to fulfill Jesus' Great Commandment to love God and love neighbor.

Our church is a member of Albany Presbytery, the council of the church responsible for missional oversight of the approximately 60 congregations in the greater Albany (NY) area.

If you're interested in learning more about the Presbyterian Church (USA), visit this great site hosted by the Presbyterian Historical Society.


Want to dig really deep into our denomination? Download our Book of Order (pdf) or The Book of Confessions (pdf).

Sacraments in the PC(USA)


Lord's Supper

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